Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Power Bars, version 1

power bars, version 1

Sometimes I get really hungry a few hours after breakfast, or after lunch for that matter. Candy is the obvious, but very bad, solution, so I wanted to try for something a bit more wholesome and with less sugar. So, I'm on the quest to make power bars. Great ones. These are nice - but not the holy grail of power bars. I will try more! Do you have a great recipe? Please do share!

Meanwhile, these are fast and simple to make, and definitely among the healthier alternatives.

Power Bars, version 1

100 ml almonds, blanched and skinned
150 ml oats
1 tbsp honey
100 ml sesame seeds
100 ml unsweetened coconut
100 ml sunflower seeds
100 ml dried apricots, in small pieces
2 egg whites

Mix everything in a food processor and shape into a square (about 20 cm) on a baking paper. Score into twelve pieces. Bake at 175°C for about 15 minutes. Leave to cool completely, before breaking apart.

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Power Bars, version 1


Anonymous said...

I like:


Ellen said...

Jag gillar de här:

n said...

I have one, it's a really yummy breakfast:


elpi said...

I like it too. .yummy treat for everybody:)

MsCFaith said...

Is that like a Granola bar? Anyhow, I ought to try your recipe for the power bar.

Alex said...

Sounds tasty, I am going to try it tonight (with a couple of substitutions).

One question, and it may just be a sign that I did too much analytical chemistry at university; why do you list the ingredients by volume? Wouldn't it be better to use weight for solid things like nuts

Anne said...

Thanks for the recipes!

MsCfaith - definitely similar, I'm not completely sure what a granola bar is so I can't really define the difference! :)

Alex - good point. I really should! Traditionally, Swedish cooking is usually by volume measurements only. I often prefer to use my scales though. But here, when it was all the same quantity of stuff, it was pretty easy to just have the 100 ml measure - I didn't bother bringing out the scales :)

Xenia said...

http://anjasfood4thought.blogspot.com has some great healthy recipes. I've tried this one
http://anjasfood4thought.blogspot.com/2010/04/banana-pecan-granola-bars.html and this one http://www.anjasfood4thought.com/2010/06/no-bake-granola-bars.html. They are both very good, but think the no bake is my fave (and the easiest :)

Xenia said...

.. the first one is another good ripe banana recipe ;) And I use to make a big portion and keep them in the freezer.

Chef Basket said...

Thanks for this recipe. I think these could be great power bars and, yes, better than candy in the morning.