Saturday, November 27, 2010

New York, part 2


So, more about New York! We arrived quite late, so on our first night, we just had a Blueberry bagel at Grand Central Station. It was wonderful, warm, chewy and filling. On the next day, we went outlet shopping, and lunch was just in the food court. Nothing to write about - but after that, we had coffee at Cinnabon as you can see in the picture above. Coffee sucked (as most American coffee does, except for Starbucks - yes, feel free to laugh now) but the Cinnabon classic was... ah, delicious. It sure hit the spot.


For a late dinner, we went to Mandoo Bar in Little Korea, and arrived just before last call. We quickly decided to just share some dumplings - fried pork dumplings and boiled seafood ones. The pork filling was much tastier, but I liked both the fried and the boiled dough.


We also got some sort of kimchi and pickled stuff to start with - neither was much to my liking, but I'm not a big fan. Service was brisk but friendly and the food tasted good. Recommended!


Here's some of the food-related stuff I picked up at Woodbury Commons - two spatulas (see that little one with a gingerbread man? so cute!), a pancake pan with animals, some multi-colored sugar sprinkles, a cookie decorating kit, a dinosaur sandwich cutter, wine stoppers, and finally a Kitchen-Aid Beater Blade. I've been wanting one of those for a LONG time!

I still have more New York talking to do, so expect a part 3 and 4 as well!


Fredrik said...

Den översta bilden får mig att tänka på en lek jag alrig vill delta i... 8)

Anne said...

Snuskig fantasi :)

Anonymous said...

I would do anything for a Starbucks Gingerbread latte right now. A friend mentioned it on facebook a couple of weeks ago and I have been craving ever since!!! Nespresso will have to suffice until I make it to Sydney in 2 weeks (then Starbucks here I come)!!!!! Kate

PS: I got a fancy candy apple red kitchen aid mixer last Christmas (after years of wishing and waiting) but I must say I am not a huge fan. It really doesn't mix well and my kenwood back in Australia was soooo much better. Come to think of it my little braun hand-held mixer kicks the Kitchen aid's butt too...looks pretty on the bench though heeheee

Sound Proud International said...

Blueberry Bagel makes me drool. haha! When I get the chance to travel to New York I will surely try Mandoo Bar.

Susan said...

There are sooooo many independent coffee shops in the States that it's really not fair to say that all American coffee sucks except Sbucks. And certainly the coffee many of us make in our homes far surpasses that which you probably had.

Anne said...

Susan, that's absolutely true, sorry for being so flip. But in general, American coffee tastes quite differently for Swedes, as the beans themselves are often roasted in a different way - much lighter. I suppose that's why I like Starbucks, which I hear many Americans consider "burnt". I have had quite a lot of coffee in the US - in coffeeshops, restaurants, hotels and homes - and well, as a rule, it's not much to my liking.