Saturday, October 09, 2010

We really are going to NYC!

'Downtown is where it's at' United States, New York, Empire State Building, View From the Top of the Rock

We finally stopped talking about it and booked a trip! In late November, me, Dagmar and Lena are going to New York! Husbands, babies and boyfriends stay at home - this is just a girls trip. And as we are food bloggers, the main focus of the trip is... food. And shopping. Oh, the shopping.

We'll be making pretty extensive lists of what we don't want to miss - we're not going for any touristy attractions or, really, anything cultural, but if you have any suggestions for us, bring them on! We've all been there before, but in my case, it was years ago and just for a few days.

We'll be staying in Midtown - can't say we found a cheap hotel, but we did find one that was reasonably priced and that's NOT on the bedbug report list.

I found the gorgeous photo on Flickr, taken by WanderingTheWorld.


Hamburger Arroganz said...

Great! I'm looking forward to your reports, as we plan to go to NYC next summer. Enjoy your trip!

Kleoette said...

I'll post more after chatting to my friend who goes to NYC a lot.


Lucky You!
Have a fantastic girly time away
The last time I went to NYC was when I was 22!!! 23 years ago yikes!
I think I better book myself a trip too

mesh said...

Chloe Snacks said...

As a fellow New Yorker I wish you the best of time! NYC will dazzle your senses and excite your taste buds guaranteed! cant wait to follow you along your journey through my home I miss it!!


Mrs. Zantstorm said...

Wow, great, I am sure you will have a blast!

Tatiana said...

You MUST stop in at Alice's Tea Cup on west 73rd and Columbus Avenue. I went here with a friend for a light lunch and was NOT disappointed. Just walk up Columbus Avenue (from the Time Warner Building) and make a left when you get to 73rd street. The place has a purple awning.

Did I mention Columbus Avenue has some SERIOUSLY good shopping??

Anonymous said...

oooo...I am so jealous...I absolutely LOVE NYC!!!! You must venture down to Greenwich Village and wander down their FAB foodie Street, Bleecker Street. So many amazing foodie is a link

I have been to NYC a few times...I am sure I will think of more places but Bleecker street is a must!!

Kate (your resident psycho cyber stalker heehee ;))

Kay from Orfegon said...

Just enjoy all the wonderful food.
I've never been to NYC....I will be thinking of you.

kay from Oregon said...

whoops, that is OREGON....LOL

Chanterelle said...

Midtown 30s? 50s? I can better pinpoint recommendations, esp. for breakfast, subway routes etc. with a little more information.

There is no such thing as a cheap hotel around Thanksgiving so don't even think about what you're paying. You'll be there at the start of shopping season: November 26 is "Black Friday", with crazy sales and crazy crowds. Wear comfortable shoes and sharp elbows ;-)

Here are a few more websites, just a teaser:
EATALY (no website, check out

What fun you'll have!


Anne said...

Susan, thank you! We're right on 40th, but we're there the week before thanksgiving so sadly no Black Friday for us! I hope we'll find some decent shopping deals anyway :) Would love breakfast suggestions!

I'm so grateful to have all of you guys, it makes planning this trip so much more fun :)

healy said...

wow!have fun. . so lucky you=)xoxo

Annika said...

I just visited NYC and went to Zabar. Lots of oils, sausages, cheeses and also ready made food.

Maria Abrahamsson said...

You should get on the subway and get yourself to Brooklyn! Especially Fort Greene and Park Slope. Among the best food experiences I've had there is Ethiopian and the best mexican food ever... and much more. And also this place:

Their beer float is truly an (very enjoyable) experience!

Erica Robert Pallo said...

Here's a fantastic site about all aspects of eating that also has a New York section. You can even sign up for the NYC newsletter. I subscrive to the San Francisco version and it is super informative, well-written, clear photos, & short so that more info can be squeezed in to satisfy your tastebuds!

Erica Robert Pallo said...
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Meggy said...

Lucky you!!!
I love NYC!
Don't miss famous Nathan's hot dog!!!

Chanterelle said...

Just as well to miss Black Friday, it's not for the faint of heart, and you probably don't want to spend your time waiting in line (New Yorkers say ON line). You'll have a much easier time shopping for clothing, etc., and there are ALWAYS sales going on.

Woodbury Common is worth a day trip (bus from Port Authority) if you are serious about shopping for clothing. There are outlets for a lot of good brands

40th St. is one area I don't know so well--East side is business and commuters (though come to think of it there's a lovely little market inside Grand Central Station, and a good food court in the station basement. Try The Little Pie Company -- oh my!) Fifth Avenue and west you get into tourist country and more commuters, so not so many great breakfast/brunch places. There are plenty of places to eat but commuters mostly grab a cup of mediocre coffee and a bun or egg sandwich. You must, of course, try a real New York bagel.

There are many places for an exquisite breakfast but you should have at least one NYC coffee shop (AKA Greek diner) breakfast. Pick any one, they're pretty much the same. Coffee won't be great, however. If you want to avoid Starbuck's, try Stumptown Roasters in the Ace Hotel at 29th and Broadway. Good coffee (less burnt) and worth the visit just for the very hip scene.

City Bakery
EJ's Luncheonette
Stardust Diner
Friend of a Farmer

(Interestingly, my last comment is missing the URL for the Paris Breakfasts blog, which has evocative pictures of EATALY.)

Ok, no more time, must post.