Thursday, October 07, 2010

Time to vote for your favorite Swedish food blog!

matbloggspriset 2010

The ten nominees for the Swedish food blog contest "Matbloggspriset" are now finalized, and everyone can vote for their favorite, by following the link above. (I'm not in the contest - it's only for food blogs in Swedish)

The ten finalists are:


Lillebi said...

I would like to vote for you Anne. :-) I love your blog.

Pille said...

Nice to discover some new Swedish foodblogs (I knew Söta Saker, which is lovely!)

Rossella said...

Great post. I already know your blog, but many other swedish ones not.
Some pictures talk for themselves despite language barriers.
Thanks to le me discover a little more of Sweden style.

Anonymous said...

:((((...that's not fair. Yours is the best by far and even more so BECAUSE it is in english and you are opening the world up of Swedish cooking/culture to a broader audience...oh well...happy weekend to a wonderful blogger anyway :) Kate

Anonymous said...

My vote would go to your blog !!
and ps: am hungry now...