Friday, July 30, 2010

Not cooking, but...


I'm completely hooked on crochet. This is what I've done so far - it's all very amateurish, but it's so much fun and I bet Titus will have a whole pastry shop when he's big enough to appriciate it. (I plan to make some veggies and fruits, too. Eventually.)

So far - a frosted donut, a macaron (that's the pink in the back), chocolate balls, a Swedish "dammsugare"-pastry (that's the green one), a fairly bad cinnamon roll, a chocolate "biskvi" and an oreo.


onemorehandbag said...

VERY cute!


yOUR SOO CLEVER...did you follow a pattern or make it up?
This is soo weird I have just discovered crochet and have just learnt to crochet granny squares and in the process of knitting a bag...don't know whether you check my blog but my last 2 posts are all about...CROCHET
It's v.addictive and am afraid nobody has any nice cakes or biscuits home-made in the last month or soo :-(
I'm sure Titus will enjoy these and Anne HAPPY CROCHERING

Pille said...

These are lovely, Anne!

Unknown said...


Karin said...

go for sushi next!

Giulia said...

really cute...I think Karin's got a good idea about the sushi.

Sherri said...

These are really cute. My mother crochet's fruits and has them on her dining table. Everyone always comments on how fun they are, and best of all they don't spoil.

Lena said...

Såå söta :)

Nicole said...

This is so cute!

Eva Nilsson said...

Hi Anne

I share your passion for food and for items which resemble food even! (I am a sucker for re-ment mini-foods...)

Anyway, my name is Eva and my husband is Swedish (we lived in Sweden for a few years but I never adapted so we're back in the UK) and I always wanted to comment on the subject of cream with a Swede who knew their foods-stuffs.

For those of you who dont know this, Sweden has a paranormal array of diary. All sorts of different milky stuff in pots and tetrapacks, ranging from the foul fil (a sour, toe-curling sour watery cross between yogurt and cultivated milk) to pleasant things such as kesella (something that to be quite honest, I havent got a clue what it is).

In any case, they are obssessed with cream. They do not have celebration cakes like normal people do, meaning 60% cake and 40% filling and icing, their celebration cakes are 10% cake, 80% whipped cream and 10% icing or fruit on top.

And if you can think about adding cream to anything at all, they thought about it first and they are getting about as I write, making, buying, storing, whipping and/or eating cream.

They have cream with all sorts of different fat percentage contents and they pack it and bran it for specific uses like cooking, adding to coffee, cakes, desserts, you name it.

Now, what I really wanted to say is that funnily enough, they lack double cream. (And no, their 40% cream just is not the same -I repeat: not the same. Never will be, so I hope it is not trying). And they of course lack extra thick double cream. Let alone clotted cream.

That has always puzzled me. 9 million people obsessed with cream and no double cream... Now, that is a mystery to me!