Saturday, July 10, 2010



At least I think that's what this is called - it sounds better, and more mysterious, than scrambled-eggs-with-crumbled-tortilla-chips-and-salsa. Which is exactly what it is, and it's therefor absolutely perfect the day after you've had a tex-mex taco feast!

So. Crumble some tortilla chips. Fry them on medium heat in a little bit of olive oil (throw in a handful of veggies too, if you have them!) for a few minutes. In a bowl, crack a few eggs (two per person is what I use) and whisk with a few spoonfuls of milk, cream or creme fraiche, depending on what you have. Add to the frying pan, and scramble with the now-rather-soft chips. Sprinkle with a little bit of cheese, and at the end, fold in some salsa sauce and perhaps some diced tomatoes. Serve with cilantro.

Not a breakfast item for me but perfect for lunch.