Monday, July 12, 2010

Dinner at Lux


I went with Dagmar, Lena and our respective darlings to restaurant Lux, which holds one Michelin star. We had the tasting menu, which is seasonal and will only be served during July and August. Lux really puts a lot of emphasis on excellent produce, often local (they nearly give the address of their sources - it's very detailed), and has rather gentle preparations to really let the ingredients shine. I found that sometimes it was a little too natural for my taste - I would have liked a bit more seasoning on most things and a lot of things were unfortunately not really texturally to my liking - but hey, it was still a wonderful meal and a great experience.


At first, we got an amuse bouche. It was a tiny piece of fried asparagus, a chip from asparagus potatoes, and a dipping sauce. Also a little bit of salmon and some pickled cucumber, and finally a shot of cucumber juice. I liked it all - good stuff!


And we got a little tray of funny-looking stuff to be used throughout the meal - a radish with butter, a little bottle, a miniature grater and horseradish, a dropped bottle, and mini cup of sprinkles and a lollipop.


Poached mackerel (almost raw) with caviar, pickled tomato, a creamy vinegrette and a poached oyster. I really missed a crunchy contrast here, the whole thing was too soft for my liking. And the mackerel was really "fishy". Oyster was a nice surprise though, great flavor!


Next was Norwegian scallops, poached in wine, and served with rhubarb, a soy dressing, crunchy Kavring bread and wood sorrel. The scallops were beautiful! I would have loved them even more fried, but this was good too.


Meadowsweet lemonade - very yummy.


Veal (extremely rare) with a celery granita, raw mushrooms and a parsley cream. Well, celery granita tastes just like celery. Only cold. Therefor, not a favorite. The veal would have been a lot better slightly more cooked and seasoned, to be honest.


Chicken, stuffed with foie gras and cabbage. Easily the best dish of the night - it was SO good. We all wanted to lick our bowls (and were happy that they provided bread to mop up the exellent juices.)


Tomato juice - a tiny palate cleanser, just freshly juiced tomatoes. Tasty.


Northern pike, three ways. One was cooked sous-vide, one was moussed and stuffed into a zucchini flower, and one was raw and creamed. (As in completely raw mixed pike - no, that one wasn't very tasty but surprisingly sweet.) We also got a piece of grilled brill, which was very good. Texturally, the pike didn't work at all for me, and I let Per finish my serving.


A gorgeous goat's cheese, served with warm goat's milk and miniature pancakes. And maple syrup, provided in dropper bottles.


Dagmar illustrates the best way to eat as much of the maple syrup as possible - it was delicious!



A bonus dessert - miniature ice cream cones (we were given the choice between caramel and blueberry) topped with freeze-dried raspberries and blueberries. Also a little dish of Swedish cheesecake and poached rhubarb. Yum!


The actual dessert was a variation on strawberries, with a buttermilk sorbet and elderflowers. Very good and very refreshing!


We finally had coffee on the terrace, with a salty chocolate bonbon on a stick, mini chocolate muffins, a chocolate cake with fresh raspberries, a piece of chocolate fudge, a cube of coconut jelly and finally, the mint lollipop that had been sitting next to our plate for the entire meal.


For more photos and another description of the meal, head over to Dagmar.


dostoievskaia said...

how much did that cost? :O it sounds as if you had to leave a fortune for it. but then, I never have regrets when food comes in question :)

Anne said...

Oh, I should have mentioned - it was 1195:- SEK. Which seems to be about the same as other tasting menus in Stockholm.

Pille said...

Looks like a real feast! I'm especially intrigued by the meadowsweet lemonade. I wonder if it tasted anything like my meadowsweet cordial (recipe here: )

Unknown said...

what a great experience

vonskareng said...

ser härligt gott ut! speciellt glassen i denna böljande hetta :)

Barbara said...


Deika Elmi said...

what a treat! You are so blessed to live in a big metropolis, I don't think I would be able to experience this type of imaginative (molecular cuisine) inspired cooking in Milan or Rome even. I live in Sicily and its quite beautiful, lovely really but one does get tired of Italian food, only Italian food after a while. I am from Washington DC which I think is as cosmopolitan as Stockholm... so sometimes I miss ethnic cuisine, or high end gourmet fare...not sure if I would trade it for the fantastic weather here and the simple lifestyle...but sometimes I would kill for a nice mexican dish or some sushi. This post was beautiful, and beautifully photographed, thank you :) Dea