Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fennel Risotto Crunchies


The photo doesn't really make this dish justice, but I'm sure you can imagine how good it tastes anyway. It's our favorite thing to do with leftovers, these days - and as a bonus, Titus likes it too. He won't eat risotto as it is, but rolled in breadcrumbs and fried? Yes please! (Smart boy, really.)

So, take your leftover risotto. Add an egg. (Add two if you have a lot.) Add leftover feta cheese if you have that, too! Shape small balls, roll in breadcrumbs (I prefer Japanese-style Panko breadcrumbs) and fry in oil. And that's really all there is to it.

And for those of you who missed yesterday's post - it was Fennel risotto with feta cheese.

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Jessica said...

I love these, we eat them as treats. I stuff them with feta cheese.