Thursday, May 20, 2010

A bit of product news

Marabou Polka

I have to tell you about two delicious news in Swedish grocery stores. First, and foremost - chocolate. Marabou makes an excellent milk chocolate, and this latest edition is no exception. It has chunks of candy canes in it - "polkagrisar" in Swedish, and is therefor called "Polka". If you like peppermint with chocolate, this is for you. Try it!

Brago Apple

Brago is one of the most popular plain biscuits sold here. (I have an old friend who'd go through a roll a day - in her defense, they are extremely good with coffee.) This new variety are made with oats (which makes them a little like hob-nobs) and are subtly flavored with apple. Not bad at all - I enjoy these, much more than the original which I always found a bit too plain.

(Both were sent to me for reviewing purposes, and the images used were provided by the PR agencies. I'm not getting paid to write this post.)


Angelica said...

Yum for the chocolate, when will it launch in Sweden? I didn't see it at the store when I was in Sweden last, which was last weekend, so will have to wait patiently 'til the next time I decide to go to Sweden.

Thnx for sharing!

Jessica said...

I eat the brago's dipped in chocolate as candy. I eat cookies that way, in a candy kind of way. There was a digestive that had a caramel cover but I can't find them now. Over the chocolate ones I prefer the plainies, they are well, origial. The coconut break off too much.

Argentea//Daniela said...

My name is Daniela, I'm 27 and I spent 5 months in 2007 in Falun for Erasmus programme, and now I came back in Italy.
When I was in Sweden I ate Marabou with Crispy Mint, so delicious!!!!
I love all Marabou chocolates, bit I never tried Polka sigh sigh :-(

Lena said...

Åååååå.....jag tror jag måste beställa ett paket hemifrån....
Tack för tipset!

J said...

Happy birthday dear Anne!
(We share the same bday :) )
Visiting your blog after a long time. Good to see all the updates on your child.. Hope you have a wonderful bday and a great year ahead.