Monday, April 05, 2010

Titus eating quesadillas

He's getting so big! Soon, he'll be 11 months old. He's starting to enjoy food - quesadillas and steak are very popular at the moment. (and, dare I say, creme brûlée and pannacotta...) He was a very late starter with food, and never took to purées, but he likes feeding himself. Not a big fan of fruit or veg right now, but roasted carrots and potatoes are quite popular.


Puglette said...

oh my goodness! he is so cute! please give him a squeeze for me!

alissa said...

Your son is gorgeous Anne :) He sounds like he's got excellent taste and is a real gourmet.

Have you heard of baby-led weaning? It sounds like this is what your son is doing. You can read about it on wikipedia here:

I did purees, etc. with my first son although he quickly moved on to self-feeding but with my second son who is 7 months we have let him feed himself the same things we eat from the start. It's such a pleasure to watch :)

It always amazes me how you manage to be a mum, maintain your blog AND cook. Incredible!

Anne said...

Alissa - that is exactly what we're doing. Or trying to, at least. :) Someone told me about the concept when he was five-six months, I ordered the book and read up on it. It makes total sense to me. He still breastfeeds a lot, and other than that, he feeds himself. Not much - but he enjoys bread, meat, potatoes and some other things. Not really any fruit, yet. He absolutely hates when we've tried baby food - he closes his mouth and turns away, and I figure that's a pretty clear no :)

And thank you for your encouragement :)

Unknown said...

Your boy is darling! There is something SO ADORABLE about a Swedish baby eating quesadillas!