Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Berlin in May?

We've just booked a trip to Berlin in May - any tips about what to see, eat or do are extremely appriciated! We're bringing Titus who will be one year old, so we're not planning on any late nights or fancy dining.


Lauren said...

I might as well comment after years of lurking, since I can finally say something useful here!

I always go to the KaDeWe food hall when I'm in Berlin. Great to browse, and there's a huge number of places to eat. (The crepe/galette stand is lovely, plus the various patisseries). Since it's in a department store, suitably child friendly as long as you don't turn up on Saturday lunchtime.

Other than that, last time I spent May in Berlin it was warm enough to eat outside. My parents and I had dinner in a restaurant by the canal in (I think) Kreuzberg - there's quite a few places of varying levels of formality that were very nice. (I speak German; parents don't and Dad hates posh food but loved his schnitzel, so on that basis I'd say the place would be child friendly too!)

Finally, brunch if you're there on a Sunday - it's an institution. I know a couple of good places but they generally require a long wait and are crowded beyond family comfort. Prenzlauer Berg is meant to be a good option - hopefully someone else will have better suggestions.

Anyway, hello from a longtime reader. (Given the topic, I'll add that I'm an Australian resident in Germany who previously lived in Scotland, so I've eaten in a few different places over the years!)

Samekissen said...

Den bästa asiaten enligt svds Berlinguide kan jag verkligen verkligen rekommendera att äta på. Jag älskade staden. Orkar inte skriva på engelska just nu ;)

Anonymous said...

I am a longtime reader of your blog living in Berlin and while I don't normally go around advertising my own blog, it is about this very thing so I thought I would comment. Having lived in many parts of Europe I have very slowly and lazily started compiling all of my favorite places and things as well as practical info about living in these places. As I live in Berlin now, it is focused on Berlin. My blog can be found here:

Other places and things not (yet) listed:
-The Mauerpark flea market in Prenzlauer Berg. VERY cool stalls filled with junk and treasures.
-My favorite museum, the Pergamon Museum. Startlingly beautiful. Like nothing in the modern world.
-If it is warm I recommend a walk through Tiergarten
-Many places along the canals in the up-and-coming Kreuzkoelln neighborhood (boundary of Kreuzberg & Neukoelln) and the Graefekiez are worth investigating. Kloetze und Schinken is an adorable cafe in Kreuzkoelln for getting a bite to eat while you wander about.
-hmmm, gosh so many other places, but I will leave space for other commenters and their contributions.

I am sure you will end up having fun no matter whose advice you listen to. It isn't difficult to find fun stuff to do in Berlin. :)


Anonymous said...

If its nice weather is Berlin Zoo a must with a small child. Easy accessible in the mittle of the west city. I love the house of the giraffs.

A bus tour a look at the rather new buildings around Reichstag is nice, and you don't have to walk for an hour or two.

Eat breakfast out. Berlin is The Breakfast City. It is rather expensive, and is more like brunch most of the time. My favorite is Anna Bhlume, a combined café and flower shop, but be there early to get a table!

I adore the Wochenmärkte, weekly markets, mobile markets with veggies, bread, meat and junk that comes once or twice a week to specifik places in almost every part of the town. Ask in the hotel at arrival if they know when and where the next one is. That's one hour of glanzing at food, things and people.

Unknown said...

David Lebovitz just posted this on Berlin.

Pille said...

Anne, don't rule out fancy dining. When Nora was almost 7 months last summer, we had dinner at Anne Sophie Pic's restaurant and lunch at Regis Marcon's. With our little girl ;)

Anne said...

Thank you all so very much, I'm checking out all suggestions :)

Pille - true, true! It's more that he's not hugely content sitting still for longer periods right now, and prefers crawling and standing, he might even be walking in two months! But we'll see, I'll check out our options for sure!

Clara said...

Berlin is a fabulous city with children. Although be prepared to carry the pram up and down stairs a lot, since lifts are not common on all stations. But germans are mostly very willing to help.

The pram is however a valuable asset when visiting the Reichstag. It gives instant access to the disabeled entrance and, skipping the mile-long queue, to the stunning views over the city from the Dome.

As for eating out with a baby, I've never had any trouble in Berlin. Children are a somewhat rare sight, since most young families leave the city, which in turns makes them a very welcome sight.

I've dined well with an almost 2-year old in Vino e Libri ( They dotes so much on our boy, that they hardly allowed us to leave.

And as Lauren said: Visit the Pergamon! Grab a coffee from Starbucks and head for the Museums Insel. It is very rewarding.

Take an evening stroll through the area Scheunenviertel just north of the Alex. It really exudes the pulse of the city.

Or if you want to get away, head for the Südgelände park (, a quaint mix of art, old railway sidings and nature.

I've normally used Lonely Planets guide to Berlin when visiting, and loved it. Especially their take on food.

But whatever you do, grab a Currywurst and visit the KaDeWe.

bastisRIKE said...

i'd like to recommend you two restaurants.

the first one is "Monsieur Wong". its a small and nice place. you find it at the Alte Schönhauser Straße. the menu card is really small, just a handful dishes ... so delicious! you can sit outside in the sun :)

the other one is the Rote Harfe ... its in Kreuzberg. on saturday and sunday there's a big brunch until 3 in the afternoon. it's delicious! some kind of oriental ... a good mix :)

have fun!

Unknown said...

I went to berlin last summer with my boyfriend on a very hot weekend. I loved it! We didt visit fancy restaurants but a visit to KaDeWe is really a must! I have never seen that many sausages at once! The currywhurst is fun to try out on the street, and I liked the hot pretzels that they sell in every corner. My German friend claims that Berlin has the best kebabs - dont like kebabs but if you do maybe it´s worth a try? If I would go there again I would like to try the restaurant where you eat in total darkness!!!! Not good for a baby though..

Pia K said...

berlin is one of my favourite cities and we're heading there this summer again. by car.

so incredibly much to see and do and such variety in such a big city! lots of museums, art and wonderful architecture all over the place, totally aweinspiring! i concur with kadewe of course but one top favourite of mine is/was café im literaturhaus

don't forget to have a berliner weisse!

bastisRIKE said...

perhaps you'll like this one too:

yoli frozen joghurt

the first Frozen Yogurt Store in berlin ... and it looks so nice!


Unknown said...

There is a very famous and beautiful chocolate store/restaurant in Berlin - but I cant remember on what street or what it is called. Sure you can look it up thouugh. It is really nice to visit. I only went to the store because of a limited budget but if I had the opportunity I would visit the restaurant too - the menue is all influented by chocolate and looks really nice. The store is fabolous with chocolate buildings about 1,5 meters high of Berlin´s major buildings and SO MUCH tempting chocolate that I had to leave the store early to ensure I wouldn´t empty my bank account ;)
Pay a visit please!