Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Convenience food is food, too.


This is Swedish "fiskbullar" - small fish cakes, basically. They come in cans, in various sauces, and I haven't had any since I was forced to eat them in school. Until very recently. I got a sudden craving for them, feeling that they'd probably be nicely comforting and so I bought a few different kinds. This one is in a "lobster" sauce which most definitely bears no resemblance to lobster, but it's vaguely shellfish-y in flavor. And... pretty good. Really. I had it with mashed potatoes, and some extra chili powder on top, and it was a perfectly satisfactory lunch. Not something I'll have often, but good to have stashed in the cupboards for emergencies.


Disa said...

Oooooohhh! I ate these as a child in Sweden. So yummy, and such amazing comfort food. In my list of Disa-defining foods, along with blodpudding and kalles kaviar!

Lena said...

Eeek! I remember these too! And I particularly hated the days when they served them. Yuck.
But I'm glad you re-discovered them!
How about trying blodpudding again? :-)

natural selection said...

Interesting,just trying to imagine the taste. It looks just like school food actually and tasty too what about smoked paprika on that?

Boywing said...

I love the fish balls in lobster sauce. I add a lot of Tabasco to the sauce and serve it with pasta. So tasty! :D

Shirley said...

I thought these might be a good idea for something to eat when in a hurry so I looked for some in two stores. You would think with Finland being next door they would have similiar foods. I didn't see any. Just tinned tuna and herring in jars. They might have them in a bigger city though. The rat candies were really good. Thanks again!