Thursday, January 07, 2010

Thirteen courses on Twelvth Night, 2010


For the fifth year in a row, we had our annual Twelvth Night (Eve of Epiphany) dinner two days ago. We did it the same way as always - invited friends, and let them do some of the cooking. This year, we were only three couples, so each couple made four dishes each. (I made five.) My recipes will be up shortly, and Dagmar will probably blog about hers, too. Anna, I don't know if you'll turn your or Martin's blog into a food blog!

FIrst off, drinks and a nibble. Anna & Martin were in charge, and made Berry Cider Mojitos, with olive nachos. A great start!

Dagmar and Fredrik taught us how to make Vietnamese spring rolls with basil, cilantro, pickled carrots, mango, cucumbers and lettuce. They were served with Nuoc Nam dipping sauce.

Titus had some mango.

I made sautéed scallops on cauliflower purée, with crispy bacon & garlic crumbles.

Next came something that might sound very exotic to some of you - smoked moose heart, with horseradish cream and sweet rye bread. Really very tasty!

I didn't manage to photograph my own dish that came next - a simple grilled cheese sandwich with caramelized onions and grated gruyère cheese. It was devoured before I had a chance to get out the camera. (We were still pretty hungry at this point, believe it or not.)

Next, venison! Wonderfully tender, served with cheesey potatoes and a delicious but potentially dangerous sauce of false morels. (It was very carefully prepared, as false morels contain a certain poison that's removed by blanching it, several times.) Think of it as the blowfish of the forest!

I made a blood orange sorbet or really more of a granita since it didn't become very smooth. Very light and refreshing!

Dagmar and Fredrik served pretty little galettes filled with roquefort cream and beef. They were so tasty everyone went for seconds!

Next, I made my first recipe from the Momofuku cookbook: ginger scallion noodles. I used soba noodles and topped them with pickled cucumbers and lamb ribs that had been slathered in hoisin sauce.

And then, the first of the desserts. Anna surprised us all by serving sweet olives, but along with other berries, lime sugar and vanilla mascarpone, they tasted great!

Dagmar served some exotic fruit with a spicy dipping sauce - golden kiwi fruit, mangosteen, rambutan, mango and rose apple!

I made ice cream sandwiches, with chocolate cookies and coffee ice cream.

And finally, Dagmar made beautiful heart-shaped cherry pies, with locally picked cherries. The perfect conclusion to a wonderful meal!

Want to see what we've had the other years?


Dagmar said...

Yum! Thanks for an incredible dinner! I'm getting hungry looking at the pictures!

I still have two cherry pies in the freezer, I'll probably bake them tomorrow evening as a Friday treat :-)

Heatherfeather said...

Everything you ate looks so good! My favorite picture was the one of Titus and his piece of mango.. too cute.

Pille said...

Wonderful spread, Anne!! Will be keeping an eye on your and Dagmar's blog for recipes!..

Maria said...

Absolutely fantastic! We want recipes!!!

HereBeDragons said...

What a lovely evening!

amelia s. boston said...

Beautiful meal! I can't wait for the scallop/cauliflower recipe to be posted.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find your recipe for the heart shaped cherry pie?

Anne said...

Sorry, that one wasn't mine, and I don't think it got blogged about.