Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Candy: Vanilla Bean Caramels


Yum - caramels is a must at christmas time! You have to have a candy thermometer, but other than that, it's easy. Pour your caramel into a lined pan - I use something called "bakplåtsfolie" which is a coated foil. It's perfect and never sticks - but it's also not widely distributed, so use whatever you normally would.

A note on syrup. Golden syrup has a very distinct taste and is not easy to substitute - but if you can't get it, try honey. White syrup is best substituted with pure glucose or corn syrup.

Vanilla Bean Caramels
(printable recipe)

300 ml cream (full-fat - 35-40%)
300 ml sugar
50 ml golden syrup
2 tbsp white baking syrup
2 vanilla beans (scored and scraped)

Mix everything but the vanilla in a wide saucepan and boil over medium heat until the caramel is 125-128°C. The temperature depends on how firm you want the caramel to be - I like mine rather hard and chewy so I aim for the higher number. Add the seeds from the vanilla beans. Pour into a prepared pan and let it set before turning the caramel slab onto a cutting board and cutting it into individual caramels.


Recipe in Swedish:
Gräddkola med vanilj


Pity said...

these caramels look gooey and chewy and delicious, thanks for the recipe, and have a lovely XMAS! cheers from london

AstridVU said...

Ah, on this note I finally decided; I must take time to make caramels this year aswell! But - I need some things then, so of to the store I go. But; How long does it have to boil (approx.) before it reachec 125?

Have a LOVELY xmas!!!

Anne said...

Merry christmas to you too! :)

Astrid, it's impossible to say, as it really depends on the saucepan you use. (The wider it is, the faster it will be.) But not *very* long - maybe 20-30 minutes? Something like that. I didn't pay attention, just looked at the thermometer.

Levinson-Axelrod said...

This looks totally delicious! Perfect for this time of year. Thanks for the recipe. I can't wait to make it. Happy holidays.

recipe said...

great idea, i'll try it on my kitchen
thanks for hte recipe