Thursday, October 08, 2009

Yummy sandwich!

Prosciutto, pesto and feta cheese on freshly baked - still warm! - ciabatta bread. You have to visit Bönor & Bakat if you're near St. Eriksplan. Their sandwiches are great, and their fruit crumbles come in deep bowls with tons of vanilla custard. Highly recommended!

Bönor & Bakat
Sankt Eriksgatan 81


Dakrish said...

Here's a yummy salad I've been making for the past few days:

2 apples (I prefer the small, red, Swedish Ida Maria-apples)
½ a iceberg lettuce
100g cauliflower
125g corn
125-250g beans (I prefer big, white ones)
½ a cucumber
7cm squash
A bit of fetacheeze or some other cheeze, I use somewhere between 30 and 60g in small pieces
1tbs lemonjuice

Chop everything but the corn and beans to bite-size pieces. Mix in bowl. Serve with a dressing made of light creme fraise and Herbamare. You can add pasta or couscous to it, and it'll make a great lunch.

The wonderfulness for me is the sharp peppery flavour of the raw cauliflower, together with the sweet corn and apple.

Angelica said...

How funny. I had this sandwich for lunch today,not in sthlm though, but I made it myself. It looked just like the one you have in the picture. That's almost creepy!

It just goes to show, great minds (Swedish minds) think alike!

Anne said...

Dakrish, that sounds great! I'm avoiding raw cauliflower right now (and most beans as well) since I'm nursing and those sort of things might upset a baby tummy, but I'll save it for later! :)

Angelica, that it so funny! And quite a bit weird.. well, then we both had a great lunch! :)

Jessica said...

All that on warm bread, the scent and flavour must have been magnificent!