Saturday, August 29, 2009

Quick dinner


We always keep frozen hamburgers at hand, and hamburger buns as well. They're perfect for a quick dinner. I like my burgers simple - cheese, maybe a slice of onion, and perhaps some hot barbecue sauce - but with a nice salad on the side. This is a potato salad with capers, sunblush tomatoes and feta cheese - it was really good.


HereBeDragons said...

Looks like a great burger bun. I love to flavor up my hamburgers with a little Worchestershire sauce and rosemary. mmm mmm good.

Anonymous said...

Vilket märke är det på burgarna? Jag vet att du skrivit det i något inlägg men jag kan inte hitta det. :D

Anne said...

Scan bistro tror jag de heter. Och Max frisco-bröd :)