Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fast Food At Home: Falafel


Fast food at home - just not so fast! I have to admit that I prefer to use a mix for falafel rather than making them from scratch. It's a bit embarrassing - but I just haven't had much luck making them myself. Anyway - we make them according to the instructions on the box, and eat them with fresh veggies and "raitziki" in pita breads. Lovely!



laura ezell said...

It is weird that some random things are just better from the box, as rare as this case may be. These look delicious by the way, I have been meaning to make falafel at home for months now and you have rekindled my desire to.

Whim Tart

square kitchen said...

I never made falafel at home, even not from the box. The photograph looks delicious.

Annika said...

I never had falafel... will now! Thanks!