Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Spiced Pecans


I'm a sucker for nuts. It's probably my very favorite snack, and especially if they've been covered in some sort of spices and sugar. That sweet-salty combinatin is just wonderful, and with the added crunch and flavor of the nuts themselves... well, I just love it. I've been wanting to make spiced pecans for quite a while, but had a hard time deciding on a recipe to use. Pecans are pretty expensive here and I wanted to make sure they turned out really good. I made these for our fourth of july party and let me tell you: they were great.

And as always.. I just can't bring myself to measure spices. Just can't! I plan to, every time, but somehow it never happens. If you like heat, add lots. If you prefer them milder, add less. Bonus? They take just about a minute to make, plus time in the oven. It's that easy.

If you have any left over - it's unlikely, but maybe - they would be excellent in a salad. And they make a great gift, too. If you can bear to part with them, that is.

Spiced Pecans
(Printable recipe)

300 gram pecans
50 ml brown sugar
75 ml sugar
good pinch of salt
cayenne pepper
ancho chili pepper

1 egg white
1 tbsp water


Mix the sugars and the spices in a bowl. Beat the egg white with the water until foamy. Mix the egg white with the nuts, and then add in the spices. Spread the spiced nuts on a baking sheet (lined with baking paper - it'll be sticky), and bake at 150°C for about 30 minutes.

Recipe in Swedish:
Kryddiga pecannötter


Sara said...

Just like candy... But better! I'll try immediately!

Dagmar said...

I loved the spiced pecans! The recipe is a keeper and I'll definitly do them at home.

Waspgoddess said...

Made tonight and it was delicious, but and yes there is a but, the grease proof paper completely fell apart and got stuck to the mixture, so I had to spend an age trying to peel the paper off the pecans. Not so fun. I think next time (and there will definitely be a next time) I will just do it straight on to the cookie sheet (perhaps grease it a bit). Any thoughts?

Anne said...

Oh how annoying! I've never had that problem with this recipe but I can imagine what a pain it would be. I usually use teflon baking sheets rather than paper - they're like cheaper, thinner versions of Silpat. Nothing ever sticks to those - I love them.