Thursday, July 30, 2009


I've written about my love for Starbucks many times, but not even I am
this desperate! (for new readers: no, no Starbucks in Sweden.) I found
this in my local supermarket today - ground coffee in 12 oz bags, for
139 SEK. That's about $17! Apparently the store is aware that this is
crazy, since they felt the need to point out the price for a flight to
New York...


Jessica said...

pretty good trick though. I want starbucks coffee but at that price not really... well a New York air fare is almost 4000. Pragmatic if nothing else ;).
Did you buy any?

Psychedelicsister said...

That makes me sad. I feel like they are taking over :(
Small coffee companies are much better!

Katherine said...

Wow. That's insane! Here in Paris, they sell it in the Starbucks coffee shops and the local supermarket for about 4 euros! I could always send you some if you're missing it...would be a small price to pay for all the great recipes I've used from your site :-)

Anonymous said...

Why Starbucks coffee? Why?

Anne said...

Jessika - I sure didn't :)

Shutter-bug - they're nowhere near opening in Sweden though, this is an importer who's buying the coffee from them for resale.

Katherine - much better indeed! Actually, I think the first Starbucks I went to was in Paris!

Ohman - in my case, I love it for the atmosphere, consistent good coffee and most of all: frappuccino. And probably elusiveness, I'm after what I can't get.. :)

onemorehandbag said...

Wow: That IS an obscene price! Starbucks is omnipresent in Vienna, but the coffee does not really stand out compared to our traditional coffeehouses and it's mostly frequented by teenagers and tourists. I value it most for the fact that their outlets are smoke-free and you are right about the frappuccino, which is lovely. We also have a local "fast-coffee" chain with a better variety of snacks(

Anonymous said...

Jag tvingade min vän att stjäla en starbucks mugg åt mig när hon var utomlands sist. Så desperat är jag, bara att få en liten gnutta av stämningen.

Jag älskar starbucks. Visst, om du åker till Italien är ett litet hål i väggen till café naturligtvis bättre även i kvalitét på kaffet. Men om man ska välja mellan espresso house och starbucks eller seven eleven och starbucks (eller pressbyrån.. eller... ja du fattar) så är ju starbucks oslagbart.

I <3 Starbucks.

Barbara said...

I've never been to a Starbucks
but all three in South Australia
closed down recently. Surely
there are local places that
are just as good. What about

David T. Macknet said...

Starbucks ... is so disgusting. Really: they don't know how to ROAST their beans! They take green beans and BURN them, which is SO not the reason to roast! Bah!

Anne said...

Barbara - Waynes is very hit and miss. Some are good, some are terrible. They don't seem to have any consistent training for their baristas. Espresso House generally makes better coffee - according to my taste - but Waynes have a pretty good carrot cake :) None of them make anything close to a frappuccino, unfortunately...

Pia K said...

Hilarious! Yes I do pop by Starbucks when abroad, but really, the coffee is far from impressive as far as I'm concerned, just too watery and flavourless. The quality of coffee at Swedish chains in general far surpass it. But the ambiance, yes that's quite nice indeed:)

Valeria said...

As I'm Italian, I love espresso coffee, but I love Starbucks too. I mean, I would never, ever buy an espresso in a Starbucks shop! There are regular cafés where you can have excellent coffee for 0,80 euros.

But what about all the other drinks? Caramel macchiato... And the bakery? And the atmosphere... As far as I know, here in Italy there are very few places where you can
1) sit down and relax for as long as you want
2) be warm and comfortable
3) eat or drink something tasty and nourishing for just a few euros!

Here in Milan, if you want to sit and be warm for a few hours, you have to pay quite a lot, because if you only buy a small pastry they'll ask you to leave after a while, AND if you want to eat at the table rather than at the counter, you pay twice as much.

So..I'll go to the cafè when I need a quick espresso, and...I won't go anywhere when I need a Starbucks-like afternoon. :( Too bad that I'm visiting Sweden this summer and no Starbucks has opened yet.

Nikki said...

I'm a tea drinker myself - but you know, bags of Starbucks coffee are always in the clearance bins at our local Kroger and Publix stores... maybe our tastes are off here in the Deep South or something. lol

Anders Öhman said...

Found the coffe at my store for 179 SEK! Even more expensive!!!