Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Cat Blogging


You haven't had any cat photos for several months - sorry!

Here's Kelly - in her new summer haircut.

And before.

Klara is a big girl now - she'll be a year soon!

With her favorite "toy" - the water fountain.


il ramaiolo said...

Ciao ! I write from Italy... your blog is very nice!

Tiggy said...

Awww.. what lovely pictures. Kelly is so cute in the nude. :P Little Klara is one of my favourite Brittish shorthair. She looks like a little cuddly white teddybear!
Btw how did the cats react to the the newest addition of the family?

Karin said...

I never seen a cat with a haircut before. Is it common to do so?
That cat litter you recommended is great!

Anne said...

Tiggy - they're surprisingly uninterested!

Karin - well, perhaps not exactly common, but many longhaired cats need to be trimmed down occasionally. Kelly really likes having a shorter haircut, so we do it regularly now.

Psychedelicsister said...

They are so precious. I miss my little man so much.