Thursday, May 28, 2009

A great idea


Gateau is one of my favorite bakeries, and conveniently close enough for us to get breakfast bread from them on the weekends. My favorite bread is called Grand Blanc, a huge sourdough bread.


A while ago they decided to launch these crisp little chips - it's basically the day-old bread (I'm guessing what didn't get sold), sliced super-thin and toasted with olive oil and sea salt. And what a great idea indeed. They're completely addictive and incredibly delicious - on their own, with cheese or with dips or salsas.


Jennifer Galatioto said...

crouton-ish. Nice for salads or soup...

Pia K said...

one of my favourite breads too. but i do love the old enskede bakery sour dough bread even more! very neat idea with the crispies.