Thursday, April 23, 2009

Better, fluffy pancakes


A while ago, I asked for help. I needed a new recipe for pancakes - the fluffy kind. The ones I had made previously just weren't very good - and they sure weren't fluffy enough. Dear reader dp gave me a recipe that I tried - and made again, and again. Sorry - I never did get around to the other recipes, because this one was just the way I wanted. It's perfect! The trick is using both baking powder and baking soda, so don't leave one of them out!

I serve this with crispy bacon and maple syrup, but I'm sure it'll be great with fruity stuff as well. I just happen to think that pancakes with bacon is such an incredible food...

Better, fluffy pancakes
10-12 small pancakes

250 ml (1 cup) buttermilk or Swedish filmjolk (I use "lättfil")
2 tbsp neutral oil
1 egg

2 tbsp sugar
250 ml (1 cup) all-purpose flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt

Whisk all of the wet ingredients, and add them to the dry ones. Stir until smooth, and then fry small pancakes on medium heat in some butter. Turn when they're starting to look a bit dry on the surface.

Recipe in Swedish:
Fluffiga pannkakor


Anna, London said...

Thanks for all the inspiration you are providing. Those pancakes really look fab!

Do you think plain yogurt would work instead of filmjolk or buttermilk? Neither is really available in my normal shops.


Katie said...

These look fab! Thick and oh so fluffy. I'd have mine with blueberry sauce yum.

Unknown said...

I can't wait to try these. I just want to say that I love your blog. I hope you don't mine that I follow your blog.


Anne said...

Anna - I'm sure that would work! Try it and let me know! :)

Katie - yum, that sounds great too. I did try some with cherry syrup and that was great!

Madeline, thank you so much for commenting, and I hope you'll feel welcome here :)

Anonymous said...

Anne- there is an american product called Saco brand - cultured buttermilk blend. It's a buttermilk powder. My father used to make pancakes from the recipe on the box and they were excellent! the website is and I think the recipe is called "best buttermilk pancakes" it's listed on their recipe section. It's a practical product if you just need a small bit of buttermilk. Ann

Anne said...

Ann, that sound really convenient :) I'll have to ask someone next time they're travelling to the US, to pick some up! :) I'm glad our Swedish cultured milk - filmjolk - works good though, it's something I generally have in the fridge :)

froy said...

These look great! I've been searching for a fluffier pancake recipe myself, so thanks for the tip about using both baking powder and -soda. I'm going to try and do a dairyfree version of these - will probably use 200 ml soymilk and 50 ml natural soy-yoghurt instead of the buttermilk.

Alsike Mat och Vin said...


That's a lot of bicarb och baking powder just to get fluffy. It probably effects that taste more than you think. Instead try this. Cut the baking powder in half and separate the egg whipping the white to semi meringue state which is folded in at the last second. You should be just as fluffy with a less metallic taste.

Anne said...

Alsike - well, I can't detect any problems with the flavor actually. Definitely not a difference compared to the ones I've made before, without bicarb... I'll try whipping the egg white sometime, but it does add an extra step and an extra bowl to clean, which is generally not something I like to deal with in the mornings :)

african vanielje said...

We call these drop scones, or flapjacks. Perfect with bacon and maple syrup.

Jeanne said...

I can imagine these would be fabulous a berry coulis.

dp said...

What did I tell you? These pancakes are great! I taught my FIL to make these pancakes a few years ago, and he makes them just about every weekend.

I saw the comment about the metallic taste of baking powder. It's really not a problem if using the aluminum-free kind. At least that's my experience.

Anne said...

dp - yeah, it's nothing I've noticed.. then again, I'm pretty sure my baking powder doesn't contain aluminum. I better check! :)

Culinary Curator said...

They look delicious. I have learned of the fabulous combination of pancakes and crepes with Nutella. Wonderful blend. Another favorite: mixing in small pieces of banana and serving with blueberry that have been cooked with sugar and maple syrup.

Vilde said...

Hi, Anne!
Do you think these would taste funny if using some kind of dark (rye) flour instead of just plain white flour? or perhaps 50/50?
Thanks :)

Anne said...

They'd definitely be different. Wholewheat is an easy substitution -maybe not all of it but at least half. Not sure about rye though, it behaves differently.

Blue Wine said...

Stiff peak egg whites is the trick I use for really fluffy pancakes. Add fruit while on the griddle. Never fails.