Thursday, March 26, 2009

Saffron Risotto with jumbo Shrimp


Frozen,raw shrimp isn't all that easy to find in my local stores, but jumbo shrimp is usually easier. I don't buy it often, but it's quite nice to have when you want to spruce up a simple dinner. I made a very simple saffron risotto (recipe here) and when it was all done, I just tossed some thawed shrimp in a warm pan with oil and crushed garlic and fried for a few minutes on each side. Dinner, done!


Anonymous said...

ser gott och snyggt ut. hoppas du mår bra!
hej hej!

Sandra drömkaka said...

Gud ändå så smarrigt det där såg ut!! Räkor är ju underbart & risotto, mums! : )