Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dinner at Smak på Restaurangen

Ignore my coffee cup, but do look at the very pretty tables with all kinds of spices, berries and nuts.

We finally managed to go for dinner at "Smak på Restaurangen", one of Stockholm's most talked-about restaurants. Their idea is quite unique. They have a menu of 20 dishes (5 of them are desserts), and you get to choose three, five or seven to make your own tasting menu. We chose seven courses, which is about the same amount as a normal three-course dinner. The dishes are all named after just one flavor, and built around that. At least in theory - we felt that some of the flavors were a bit mis-named. Everything was pretty good, but I can't say that anything really stood out and was all that memorable. The whole experience was good though, and we had a fun night out. The lighting is pretty dim so some of the photos are really blurry - sorry about that.

My first flavour: "Citron" (lemon) - a fluffy blini with lemon cream and bleak roe.

Per's first flavour: "Dill" - shrimp in some kind of emulsion with foam and a crispy bread slice

My second flavour: "Koriander" - a flavorful coriander broth with an avocado terrine and very tasty chorizo.

Per's second flavour: "Getost" (Goat's Cheese) - a goat cheese cream with crispy brioche, pecan nuts and I think some crispy ham was involved too.

My third flavour: "Pimiento" - fried fluffy crab balls with mojo rojo (and something that looked like half a yellow cherry tomato but was very strongly tasting of lime)

Per's third flavour: "Kapris" (capers) - foie gras with beets

My fourth flavour: "ras al hanout" - lamb in fried phyllo dough packages with a spicy dipping sauce and minty cucumber yogurt

Per's fourth flavour "salvia" (sage) - lamb saltimbocca

Our fifth flavour: "sesam" - delicious beef with a sesame dipping sauce

Our sixth flavour: "stjärnanis" (star anise) - a yummy infused crème brulée and a citrus salad (didn't go well together but both were good)

My seventh flavour: "kaffe" (coffee) - chocolate cake with marinated cherries, chocolate sauce and a lovely coffee ice cream

Per's seventh flavour: "kardemumma" (cardamom) - baked apple, cake crumbs, calvados sorbet and crème anglaise

Smak på Restaurangen
Oxtorgsgatan 14


Filippa said...

Oh,så kul! Jag ska dit på måndag så det var superkul att se vad ni åt :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the concept of this restaurant and all the food did look tasty. I also love the fact that you tried more than one dessert! I am hoping to meet up with a friend in Stockholm, so I will keep this address.

Anonymous said...

ÅÅÅh min favorit restaurang! (den och Grill )
Jag älskar att gå dit och nu blev jag ju sugen på ett besök igen...