Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another semla


The official day is February 24, but I hope I can cram in a few more semlas before then. This one, with a great latte in that pretty green glass, was served at Hurry Curry which is a nice little place to have coffee or lunch in central Stockholm.

Hurry Curry
Slöjdgatan 11


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm I could just eat one of those now :)

Anonymous said...

Semlor är ... sååååå goda :)

godines said...

i love it how in sweden they have different foods for different days of the year. i guess these days are all about semla. delish! i saw this place that make gigantic semlas. i wouldnt mind having one of those now. cheers!

Anonymous said...

Jag har gått runt och tänkt på semlor hela dagen, nu får det vara nog! Dags att ge sig ut i snöstormen och köpa en semla :)

Anonymous said...

If I can make hot cross buns & cinnamon rolls then lenten buns shouldn't be too difficult.