Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Nobel Prize Banquet 2008

Here's the menu for tonight's Nobel Prize Banquet:

Sole with Swedish shellfish, fennel and dill (with, very excitingly, oysterplant. Has anyone tried that?)

Fillet of veal, accompanied by seasonal vegetables and potato-thyme terrine (including a celery créme)

Poire Belle Hélène 2008 (But actually a much updated version, it sounded completely divine when the creator presented it. It has a chocolate-glazed almond crisp, a ginger and vanilla flavored pear, a dark chocolate ganache, ginger and pear preserves and vanilla ice cream.)

Did you know that if you're in Stockholm, you can always eat the latest Nobel menu at Stadshuskallaren? I never have, but it would be really nice. Additionally, if you're more than eight diners, you can choose a menu from *any* year. Pretty impressive! (You can see all the menus here.)


Anonymous said...

Impressive indeed. But I'd like to seem them dig up a few bottles of Château Abbé Gorsse 1881 (from the 1901 menu) in five days ;-)

Jessica said...

I had waffles myself. Afterwards I peeled garlic for what will be chicken with 40 cloves of garlic. All the while I watched the dinner progress ;)

glamah16 said...

Hmmm. Have to look up oyster plant. Maybe CS can take me for a Noble diner one night.:-)

Anonymous said...

And where is the cheese?
according to me and most french people, no menu is complete without cheese.

Anonymous said...

Oysterplant - I think that's what we in the UK call salsify (it also has a black relative called scorzonera). I've roasted with other root veg and it really was delicious. It discolours quite quickly once peeled, a bit like Jerusalem artichokes SF

Anne said...

Susannah, no, they're not the same at all. Mertensia Maritima is the latin name - here's a photo: