Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A few Christmas pictures


Kinna asked me before christmas what I have to have on Christmas, food-wise. I really, really want:

Christmas Ham, sliced

-Christmas ham, especially the first slice, warm from the oven. (It's then eaten cold, generally with lots of grainy mustard.)
-My aunt's meatballs. She makes a big box for me every year.
-My mom's Jansson's Temptation.
-my dad's cured salmon

Estonian Blood Sausage

And that's really all I *have* to have. A beetroot salad is nice with the meatballs, but I can live without it. I don't eat much sill, but actually made two myself this year - I'll tell you about it in a few days time. We always have Estonian blood sausage too, but I don't eat more than a few spoonfuls, always with plenty of Lingonberry jam.


And something which isn't necessarily traditionally served at Christmas (but it seems most people include it nowadays) is some version of halved, hard-boiled eggs with a topping. I like shrimp tossed with a little mayo and dill.


keendemann said...

Hi. I'm looking for a fantastic recipe for kottbuller. My farmor died without passing on her recipe and nothing we have made has come close to matching hers, which melted deliciously in the mouth. She made them in an earthenware dish, I know, and served them with just a little jus from the cooking process, not the gravy you find in some recipes. Might you be able to offer some insight?

Anne said...

KE - I do have one recipe for it, but I have no idea if it's close to your farmor's. It *is* reasonably close to what my mormor made, though.. :) I have to say, most Swedes fry their meatballs, so I don't know how she made hers... these are first fried then finished in the oven but that's just out of convenience.