Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend Cat Blogging


I have to show you how big Klara is getting! She's just over five months now, and quite a big girl.

Klara, doing her best Al Bundy imitation.

Looking out the window - a big favorite!

And for kitten photos of the car-themed kittens, look here.


Anonymous said...

She is adorable :)

No offence, but I think she looks a little overweight for a 5 month old cat!

Take care, love your blog.

Anne said...

Oh, she's most definitely not. Are you familiar with the breed? She's a British Shorthair, and if anything, she's a little small for her age :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I bad :)

Jeanne said...

Let's hear it for big-boned girls ;-) She's gorgeous!