Thursday, November 06, 2008

Baked Tortellini


Yesterday's field trip was really fun. I loved seeing Wasa's crisp bread production, and it was great getting to taste bread right off the line. Lena has posted a few more pics. Wasa does export a lot of bread, and you can find the christmas crisp bread which we actually watched being made in many IKEA stores world-wide.

Anyway. Let's talk about food. And as usual these days, fast food. Convenient food. Stuff that can be prepared without really doing much work. It's the way I eat right now. I'm sure it'll change to more elaborate preparations eventually, but for now.. this is it.


Baked tortellini is something we ate a lot a few years ago, but I hadn't had it in a really long time until last week. And it's so simple. What you do is boil tortellini (fresh or dried) until it's almost done but not quite. Mix with a cheese sauce (ready made is convenient and what I use, but go ahead and make your own.), some strips of smoked ham and green peas. Pour in an oven-proof dish, cover with some shredded cheese, place in a hot oven for 20 minutes or so and - voila! Delicious dinner.


Finla said...

Looking to the pic i am sure it was a delicious dinner. I buy the wassa bread here when i am on a diet :-) .

Amanda said...

What a delightful idea to bake it! I just bought a bag of frozen cheese-filled tortellini and was thinking of a garlicky-peas-cream sauce... one look at this pic and I think I just might add cheese and a go in the oven. Thanks!

Aaron said...

that looks soooo delicious! I found your blog searching for glögg recipes, I think I've had glüwein[bottled kind] and didn't care for it, amazing blögg LOL. you are very pretty and your food looks wonderful. :)

Jessica said...

I tried your way with the macaroni (stewed), turned out great. I had never done them that way before. Turned down some creme fraiche at the end. But tortellini, they become too cleggy by my experience when they are oven baked. I prefer to cook, drain briefly serve with butter or pesto depending on filling. Coop has a ravioli that is cheese filled and ONLY cheese filled. I stock up since I rarely pass a Coop.

Karin said...

years ago when I worked in a huge community kitchen we made baked tortellini for the schools dinner.
we never cooked the tortellini but used frozen and poured sauce over and it was baked the next day. Since fresh tortellini should be cooked for a very short time I think it will work and make this even easier and less to wash up