Monday, October 06, 2008

Orange Olive Chicken


Today, something that Per cooked for me last week. It comes from the Swedish food mag Allt Om Mat which always has really reliable recipes in my opinion. You can fiddle around with this as you please, but the basic idea is really good and really easy. I'd never imagined that olives would go so well with orange! Do use good quality olives though - it's easily worth spending a little more on, since the flavor is so much better.

Perfect weekday meal, as it doesn't take more than twenty minutes - tops!

Orange Olive Chicken
from Allt om Mat
serves 2

3-400 g boneless chicken (thighs or breast)
1 orange
salt, black pepper
100 ml chicken stock or water
50 ml creme fraiche or cream, any fat content
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp corn starch
10 green olives
200 ml cous-cous

Cook the cous-cous according to the package instructions. Clean the orange and finely grate the zest. Squeeze out all juice.

Rub the chicken with orange zest, salt and pepper, and fry in butter until almost cooked through. Mix orange juice, chicken stock or water and creme fraiche or cream, and pour over the chicken. Let it simmer, covered, for about five minutes.

Mix the corn starch with cold water and stir into the sauce. Slice the olives and stir in those, too. Serve with the cous-cous.

Recipe in Swedish:
Apelsinkyckling med oliver


Anonymous said...

vad använder du för kyckling när du lagar mat? Har varit så besviken på Kronfågel ett tag nu, speciellt på deras lårbitar som mest är skin och fett...

Anne said...

Helst från Bjärefågel om jag hittar det till vettiga priser. Annars tycker jag inte att det spelar så stor roll, brukar ta frysta filéer av nån sort, undviker de som är allra störst bara... said...

This sounded so good so I decided to make it. I totally succeeded in butchering the recipe. Since we are 5 people in our family I had to triple all the ingredients and I think I put way to much orange zest in. I'm going to give it a go again and use less zest and less orange juice this time. Thanks for this wonderful blog and for having the recipes translated to English. Even though I'm born and raised in Sweden, I have lived in the states for the past 16 years, and the biggest problem I have when I use my Swedish recipe books is to translate the ingredients. Not sure why I'm writing this message in English..hmmmm does that mean I'm now an American. Sure hope not :)

Sven said...

Hi, i love your recipes and had many successes re cooking! unfortunately i got this wrong totally wrong, the sauce turned out to be quite bitter. Strangely my wife loved it. Maybe i tasted too much whilst cooking and screwed up my taste buts.. I'll try another one though :)