Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Nice morning!

I started my day with a press event by Philips. We were invited to meet "The Juice Master" Jason Vale, and world barista champion of 2006, Klaus Thomsen. Both held really nice presentations, but I have to admit, I was blown away by the juicer. I've been thinking about getting one anyway, and this just pushed me completely over the edge. So, stay tuned, I'm definitely adding a new toy to my kitchen!

Klaus Thomsen surprised me by actually creating really nice latte art on the fully automatic machines provided by the company - well, he steamed the milk manually for it, but still - it was quite nice. Not as good as on a manual machine, but still - good quality. The espressos got a really nice crema, and I'm anxious to try his own coffee roast (we were given a bag).


Felicitas said...

Kul att ses i morse (och kul att du redan uppdaterat bloggen!)! :)
Mycket trevliga bloggar du har och finfina bilder!
Jane - Felicitas

Anne said...

Hejhej! Ja, ibland går det undan. (IPhone du vet..) ;) Jätteroligt att träffa dig med, nu ska jag kika in på dina bloggar :)

Anonymous said...

I should get one of those juicer`s too.Thx for the post
Keep up the good work!!

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