Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weekend Cat Blogging: Klara, not enjoying her first outing


Today, I thought I'd show some pictures from last weekend, when we were away in Dalarna. Klara got to try out a leash for the first time, and she was surprisingly uninterested in the great outdoors. Fresh air, warm sun, green grass... all very bad, apparently. I did get a few nice photos though!



This Weekend Cat Blogging is hosted by Luna.


Anonymous said...

Oh Anne, she looks like she is VERY much enjoying it. I think it must be the selection of pictures. She looks like the grass is her natural element. Really wonderful cat but you already know I love her.

catsynth said...

Aww, she is a very cute exploring the outdoors. Hard to tell if she is enjoying it or not. But maybe she will over time. Luna didn't enjoy her first times out, either.

Nazarina A said...

This is the most beautiful kitty that I have ever seen and on a leash! LOL! I love your shortbread cakelets as well.

Jeanne said...

LOL - I love watching cats on grass - it's all like "eeew, this stuff is PRICKLY!!". Wet grass is even funnier... Klara looks too gorgeous