Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Cat Blogging - kittens, all grown up


Or well, they're still pretty tiny. Kitty moved last weekend, and Klara, as you already know.. well, Klara stays with us. She's such a little darling! Apart from getting carsick (which we solved by letting her sleep in my lap for the entire drive) she really liked our vacation.


For the rest of the photos, look here.


Anonymous said...

Too cute. My new kitty turned 1 this month, he's getting so big too. Looking at pictures from last summer it's amazing how fast they grow up

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful! Thank you for posting this. It gives me so much joy to see these little beautiful kittens. Klara is one lucky kitten!
She is is a shorthair cat, right?
Thanks again.

Anne said...

They do grow up really fast! Yes, both Klara and Kitty are British Shorthairs - all of mine are, except for their mommy Kelly who's a British Longhair :)

Jeanne said...

Beautiful! I hope Klara & Kitty aren't missing each other too much, but I'm so thrilled you go to keep her!