Thursday, September 18, 2008

A few tips and cool things

Spice boy

I keep piling up info about new stuff that I mean to tell you about, but somehow I rarely get around to it. Ok, let's do a top five.

1. Spice Boy is a new spice grinder, that's the one in the photo. I think it's so cool - not only does it look nice, but it's really functional. You can grind all kinds of spices - not just pepper - and by filling it up with different things, you can get your very own spice mix. It's definitely on my wishlist - just have to decide on the color. (But I'm leaning towards red.)

2. Cod from a sustainable source is not very easy to find, but it's getting easier in Sweden since Coop's selling it under their own brand name "Änglamark". It's fished by Norwegian Domstein, and something that I find exceptionally cool is that there's a code on each packet telling you *exactly* where it was fished, and by what boat. Neat!

3. Be your own celebrity chef, or at least enjoy watching others, on Ifood TV. There are probably many similar sites, but what I like about this one is that their player shows the recipe if you just click on "info". Pretty cool. (And no, you won't find any videos of me there. At least not yet.)

4. Adagio tea now has a European site, and ships all over Europe. (Their American site is here.) I'm not a huge tea buff, but I enjoy a cup every now and then. Adagio kindly sent me some samples, and while I haven't gone through the very big box yet, I have to say that they're really high quality. The leaves are huge compared to what I'm used to, and they smell great. I've tried Jasmine Pearls so far, and that was great. Thumbs up!

5. Yesterday, I was invited to Christmas lunch. A little early, perhaps? One would think so. But it was neat - it was hosted by Norwegian liquor company Arcus at the Norwegian Embassy and we were treated to traditional Norwegian christmas food (which is not necessarily the same as in Sweden) and some newly released Aquavits to go with it. Dagmar took a lot of photos, so I hope some of them turn out.


AstridVU said...

Hehe - mentioning Norway a couple of times, thats neat, Anne :) Acctually you might have met a friend of mine from Arcus at that event - its really a small world... What did you think about the norwegian christmas food then?

Anonymous said...

Jag vill jättegärna se filmklipp med anne i köket, det hade varit grymt.

jag blir alltid så otroligt sugen på smarriga saker när jag besöker din blogg och önskar att jag hade mer tid att njuta av att laga mat.


Anne said...

Astrid, definitely a small world! :) Most of the food was great, and I was very brave and tried even the scary things. Rakfisk was a bit frightening, but ok - it tasted a lot like aged cheese to me. Matjesill and gammelost though, that was two big no-nos that I'm definitely not in a hurry to try again :) What's your Christmas favorite?

Tina, jag har faktiskt gjort ett ur-b litet klipp för några år sen.. haha, kanske dags att försöka igen :)

David T. Macknet said...

I think that you might need two of those grinders: one for a "sweet" blend, one for a "savory" blend. At least, that's the way I'd end up doing it. They sure are cute!

Scott at Real Epicurean said...

The spice grinder could be kind of cool actually. Wonder if it can do coffee?

cinabar said...

that spice grinder is ace... would look fab in my kitchen