Friday, September 21, 2007

Crunchy Raspberry Semifreddo

crunchy raspberry semifreddo

Finally Friday! (Didn't I write just that last week? Anyway, the sentiment is the same.) And time for something sweet. This one was actually a dessert a while ago, but as always, I rarely blog about things immediately after making them. In any case, this is really a lovely dessert. It takes almost no effort to pull together, and it can be prepared well in advance and kept in the freezer. Just remember to take it out a while before eating, or it will be much more "freddo" than "semi".

It has meringues which gives a great crunch, and I added half a jar of my gooseberry elderflower curd – yum! Just use lemon curd if you don’t happen to have anything home made around, it will be excellent.

Crunchy Raspberry Semifreddo
Serves 8-10

300 g raspberries, frozen and lightly thawed
300 ml cream (for whipping, so between 35-40% fat)
150 ml thick Turkish or greek yogurt
3 eggs
100 g sugar
100 ml gooseberry elderflower curd (or lemon curd)
100 g meringues, lightly crushed

Start by lining a loaf tin that holds about 1 litre with clingfilm.

Mix the eggs with the sugar over a pan of simmering water. Beat with electric beaters until it’s very fluffy and pale. Remove from heat and continue to beat until it’s almost completely white.

Beat the cream until fairly stiff, fold in the yogurt. Fold this into the eggs, and add the meringues. Mix carefully but gently.

Crush the berries and pour half into the prepared tin. Add the other half to the batter, and add the curd as well. Mix a little, just enough to give it a marble effect. Pour into the tin, and freeze – preferably overnight.

Recipe in Swedish:
Krispig hallonsemifreddo


Dagmar said...

It's gorgeous, what a great idea adding meringues!

Pille said...

That looks lovely, Anne!

Lisa said...

Ska köpa Tamron när jag fått in pengar på nästa stora faktura. Tack för inspiration. Kram!

Inspiration said...

very lovely. I shall make it one of these days, and I mean soon.

Thank you.

Anne said...

Lisa - gör det, det är kul :) Fast just den här bilden är inte taget med det, utan med vanliga.

Nic said...

The colour is gorgeous - great photo!

Ann-Louise said...

Och perfekt att göra dagen innan en bjudning så undviker man efterrättsstressen...

Deborah said...

This sounds wonderful!!

Cakelaw said...

This looks and sounds delicious - how can you go wrong with yoghurt, raspberries and meringue all in the same dessert? Thanks for posting this - I will have to try it once raspberries are in season again.

Brilynn said...

That makes for a great presentation, it's really pretty! I've actually never made semifreddo before.