Thursday, August 07, 2008

A final batch of photos from my sister

Just a few more, I promise!

A delicious grilled sandwich at Pause café in Östersund.

My sister made banana muffins.

And biscotti with black currants and cardamom - yum!

She also knits, and crochets - a lot. These socks she made for me are made from yarn she dyed herself, with.. are you sitting down? Kool-Aid!

And these little Japanese scrubbies are for cleaning dishes, or the sink. Cute, aren't they?

Cutest of them all, my great-nephew Alex, reaching for a much too big bottle of Coke.


Amelia Ames said...

Your sister is a very talented lady! Nice idea with the banana slice on top of the muffins.

Jessica said...

That's why I raised eyebrows over your 4th of July party, knowing (now) that kool-aid also dyes yarn!!

Aidaho said...

Pause är grym på många sä bibliotekscaféet och prästgatan 12 ska inte glömmas!! Eller svenssons café. När jag tänker efter finns det grymt fika i östersund. Synd bara öppettiderna inte är för heltidsarbetande...när man vill ta en fika så får man göra det med andan i halsen 5 minuter innan de stänger. Har man bil så är byhuset och jordgubbslandet på rödön ett hett tips!

glamah16 said...

Kool Aide? Now thats crafty!

Candace said...

Koolaid??? Wow... and even more -- how? Have missed reading you lately. Work and life, not all of it good, has been doing its thing.

The photos and such have been cheerful and what a cutie Alex is!


Anonymous said...

Those muffins look yummy!!!