Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Icecream in Söderköping

I wrote "cream" yesterday, but meant icecream. And not just any, but
home-made (edited: nope, apparently not!) from Smultronstället in Söderköping. They have some amazing creations, but we went for these relatively simple ones:
hazelnut, marsipan-chocolate and pecan-caramel for me, pineapple and orange topped with soft-serve vanilla and whipped cream for Per. No lunch today. This place is definitely worth a special trip.


Annika said...

Men, Smultronstället har ju inte hemgjord glass längre. Eller har de det om man köper i kiosken? På restaurangen är det väl Sia numera. Det var Triumf för nåt år sedan. hemgjord glass i Söderköping brukar man ju få köpa i Rådhuskällaren (tror jag den heter). Vi var på Smultronstället förra veckan. Och Jofotex... men där antar jag att ni inte var :-)

Men du måste ju veta, hur är glassen på Två små hus i Motala? Värt en utflykt?

Angelica said...

Like Nikka said -- Smultronstället doesn't make their own ice cream anymore, and haven't for as long as I've known about the place (oh, 12 years or something). A place that does make its own ice cream is Bosses Glassbar at Platensgatan in Linköping. Well worth a visit!

Anonymous said...

har inte varit på smultronstället i år trots att jag bara bor en mil därifrån :( min favorit är blueberry hill, massa blåbär- och vaniljglass, blåbärssylt och grädde :)

Anne said...

Nikka, Angelica - apparently you're totally right! I thought it was homemade but I guess not. Per saw the Sia-truck as we were leaving. Oh well, still good :)

Nikka, Jofotex, nä, fast det borde vi ju ha passat på. Jag som syr så mycket. Eller inte. Fast det hade varit roligt ändå. Har ingen aning om Två Små Hus, aldrig varit där... Fast svåger säger att det är gott :)

Angelica - totally, I lived in Linkoping for seven years, so Bosses was a staple :)

Anonymous said...

Been there.

Home made or not, as You said they have amazing creations.

Deetsa said...

Those sound like yummy choices. Who needs lunch when you have ice cream? LOL

Jeanne said...

Mmmm, exotic ice cream! This beats lunch any day, in my book!

Ahoy! said...

Hej Anne! Been following your page for a while now (um, about a year and a half!) but only commented today.

Was also disappointed about Smultronstället (which everybody talks about) not making their own ice cream. On the other hand, I loved the chocolate and chili ice cream with pumpkin seeds that they had on offer (c/o Sia!)

Interesting to know you've lived in Linköping. I live 4 Swedish miles away but haven't tried Bosses yet.

Keep updating, I love your site :-)