Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

edith 060807

I realize that "fourth of July" has absolutely no meaning here in Sweden, but I like to celebrate when I can, and besides, I happen to like USA. (You might have noticed, if you're a frequent reader of this blog!) So, tonight, we're having a big USA-themed party! It'll be a potluck, and as there are many foodies coming, I foresee a LOT of food. And drinks. We've stocked up on American beer (insert laughter here), Jack Daniels (you can laugh here, too), Coke and even mixed a few different kinds of Kool-Aid.

I'll be sure to take a lot of photos, to show you in a few days! Now, have a happy Fourth, wherever you might be! (Or just have a happy Friday - that works too.)

(The photo? Well, it's fairly flag-themed, but it also shows our little darling Edith, who passed away one year ago tomorrow.)


RC said...

how fun, celebrating fourth of July is sweden!

I bet a USA themed party in another country is tones of fun!

Dee said...

I'd forgotten all about Kool-aid. It was the elixir of my youth :-)

Rebecca Kline said...

I'm glad that you are celebrating. We're going to a pool party / BBQ and then going off to watch fireworks (just like almost every year. Happy American food eating. We miss you!

Greg said...

Hi Anne! Kool-aid - that's great. So American 4th of July picnic of you. Hope it turned out well.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anne.

I (and my cats) are fans of your blog. I live in the USA.

Here in America it is very special to hear the fireworks and celebrate freedom. Each 'pop', 'whir' and 'ziiiiing' ignited by free men and women is awe inspiring.

How refreshing to read our "glorious fourth" is celebrated by some in Sweden as well.



Feline Flodin said...

*skrattar åt både amerikansk "öl" och Jack D - whiskeyn som smakar övermogen banan* :D