Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Did you feel it? Are you ok?

I just heard that a fairly big earthquake just hit California. I have some close friends out in Long Beach, and I hope they and all their friends are ok. And I hope all of YOU are ok! Those of you in the area, did you feel it?

I was an exchange student in Long Beach back in 93-94, and was around for the Northridge quake. Pretty scary stuff! I remember it hit at night, and the bed felt like I was on a boat.


Rebecca Kline said...

Everything out here is just fine. There are no reports of damage and no injuries. This is the first earthquake my kids have felt and they are still excited about it. No reason to worry . . . we're just out here singing, "I feel the earth move under my feet. . ." It's part of the price for living in SoCal, but it's worth it.

Cupcake Goggles said...
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Cupcake Goggles said...

I felt it... scary. You can see the damage done to my apartment at my site.


Suzie said...

We are all very lucky here in Southern California. I live in Long Beach, which is about 30 or so miles from the epicenter in Chino Hills. We experienced a "rolling quake" (I was told there are different kinds) and it lasted for 10 seconds or so. Rolling around at 5 stories up, it definitely felt longer than that! Unlike the other poster, I wasn't singing. Thank you for your concern, my family and I all truly appreciate it. Take care.