Wednesday, June 04, 2008

It's all about the sauce


Believe me, I love making my own sauces, but sometimes it's really convenient to grab something off the shelf. When I do, I want to be reasonably sure that it contains fairly good ingredients and not a whole lot of additives. The Sriracha that you see above is just heavenly, one of the very best things I've found lately. It's really, really hot, but also really flavorful. I love it on thai food, but it goes well with so many things. Do use just a little if you're not fond of super-hot though - a friend thought I was wussy, and tried quite a bit straight up. Not a mistake he'll make again soon! As a bonus, it's cheap, and fairly easy to find - my local Ica Maxi has it.


If the Sriracha is old, then Ridderheim's new sauces designed by chefs Melker Andersson and Danyel Couet are.. indeed new. And very tasty! I was invited to restaurant Kungsholmen to try them a short while ago. My favorite was the Thai BBQ, which is to the right in the photo, with a noodle salad. Then comes a Caribbean Spice, which was served with a tuna burger and felt like a fairly standard BBQ-sauce. On the left in the photo is a delicious Mustard Coulis, a bright yellow concoction with lots of citrus in addition to the mustard. It was served with grilled salmon. Finally, with a perfectly grilled lamb chop, Provencale. This is a fairly thick, rouille-based sauce with plenty of spice, herbs and garlic. All four are made with at least mostly natural ingredients, and should be found all over Sweden right about now. Thumbs up!


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne, I read a whole article about uses for Sriracha - my favorite is: make a peanut butter sandwich, add chopped spring onions and sriracha(of course, you could add leftover shredded chicken, grated carrots, etc). It's weirdly Thai and sometimes is just exactly what I want...

Anne said...

Oh dear, that actually sounds really, really good!