Friday, March 21, 2008

Trip to Spain, part 1

lettuce 1
The lettuce field near our house

Here are some photos from Spain. We had a really lovely time! I'll do a separate post about food - this is a bit more general.

alicante food market
The food market in Alicante

We lived in Torre de la Horadada, where my parents have a house. This is just south of Torrevieja, near Pilar de la Horadada, San Pedro and further south, San Javier. We made day trips to Alicante and to Cartagena, and went to several of the lovely markets that are always held in the various villages nearby.

mom dad March 08
My parents in front of their palm tree.

My dad's rather tiny lemon tree, limonera. It hasn't given any fruit yet, but he hasn't given up hope...

mystery fruit
Our neighbor's tree with.. what? Does anyone know? There's some ripe fruit to the left in the photo. They're not plums, but something similar, maybe?

lettuce 2
The much sadder lettuce field, after the harvest.


Anonymous said...

Loquats. Those look like loquats to me. They are yummy, yummy, yummy and not sold in stores much. I used to get them in a Turkish-owned market in Amsterdam, they were called 'mispol' (or something quite like that)

Anonymous said...

They are indeed loquats...

Annika said...

My parents are in their flat in Torrevieja right now. I sure wish we could visit someday, but they don't really have any space for two extra adults and a baby since they changed to "something smaller since you never visit anyway"... We'll have to work it out someday. For sure.

David T. Macknet said...

Yep - loquats. Yum!

Me, I'm envious of what looks like a nice, hot climate! We're looking at snow here (Glasgow) for the next few days, so the idea of palm trees ... is quite marvelous!

Liliana Fuchs said...

As said above, those fruits are loquats. Here in Spain we call them "nisperos".
I'm glad you had a good time here! At this time of the year the climate is nice, but in summer it's veeeeeery hot. I live very near Alicante, I'm from Murcia.
I love your blog, photos, recipes and cats :)

PD. Sorry for my poor English!