Thursday, March 06, 2008

Pea Omelette with Goat's Cheese


Phew - I'm beat! The "american" buffet was a huge hit, and everyone walked away satisfied. I took very few photos, unfortunately - but I did manage a few, and I'll write more about it this weekend.

You might want to attempt something new for breakfast this weekend. And this is just that: a gorgeous omelette (or an omelet, if you prefer) from Gordon Ramsay's Fast Food. I know, I'm totally pushing that book (which is funny considering I don't even have it - I borrowed mine at the library) but it truly is lovely. This omelette was breakfast a few weekends ago, and it was absolutely great. If you love goat cheese, obviously. But we do.

Pea Omelette with Goat's Cheese
Serves 2

70 g bacon, diced
100 g peas (defrosted if frozen)
5 eggs
100 g goat's cheese - the kind that comes in a thin log, in slices
salt, pepper

for the salad:
rocket (arugula)
olive oil
red wine vinegar
dijon mustard
salt, pepper

Preheat the oven to 250°C - use the grill option if your oven has it, or a broiler.

Make a simple vinaigrette for the salad - use olive oil, a little vinegar, some mustard, salt and pepper. Don't dress the salad just yet though!

Fry the bacon until crispy, in a big frying pan that's also oven-proof. Add the peas.

Beat the eggs lightly and add them to the pan. Shake it carefully so that the eggs are evenly distributed. Place the goat cheese rounds on top as soon as the omelette begins to settle a bit, and sprinkle with some salt and black pepper.

Grate a little parmesan on top of the omelette. Place it in the oven for a few minutes, just so that it sets completely.

Dress the rocket with the vinaigrette. Cut the omelette into slices, and serve with the salad.

Recipe in Swedish:
Ärtomelett med getost


CM said...

That sounds delicious.

Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely! Whst brand cheese do you use coz I love goats cheese that you get in good caffs, but bought it home once and it was foooul :( and it had nothing to do w expired date... since then I hsven't dared to buy any...

The Culinary Chase said...

Peas, eggs & goat's cheese......great combination! Cheers!

Jeanne said...

Oh that looks so lovely and fresh and Spring-like! With some crusty bread it woudl also make a lovely lunch...

Unknown said...

Hurray for goat cheese! :)

Brilynn said...

I love goat cheese, this sounds wonderful!