Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blogging By Mail


My partner in the recent Blogging By Mail round was Neha from the Literate and Liberal Foodie. Neha is based in Miami and sent me some of my favorites, and some of hers. Exciting!

When I was carrying the package from the car, I kept smelling cardamom buns - it was driving me quite crazy, and I couldn't figure out where the scent was coming from. Surely it couldn't be from the package? Well, it was! No, I didn't get cardamom buns, but I did get a large ziplock bag of fresh cardamom! From Neha's mom in India! Wow! It's extremely potent, it smells so much more than any other cardamom I've encountered. I used a little to make the Cardamom Biscotti the other day, and it's really, really great!

She also sent me three of my favorite US foods - Velveeta, dried cranberries and Honey-Roasted Cashews. Aww. That made for some supreme snacking :) And I got a large bar of La Cubanita, a cuban sweet with mango and guava. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks very exciting. Neha also included Chinese five-spice, which smells incredible. Can't wait to cook with it! And I got a bag of coarse corn meal! Yeay! :) To top it off, she sent me a St. Michael's candle. So sweet and thougtful! I loved my package! Thanks Neha, and thanks Stephanie for hosting yet another round of this fun event!

Sorry, no Daring Bakers for me today! I didn't manage to make this month's challenge (a party cake from Dorie Greenspan) but do check out everyone else's cake at the Daring Bakers blogroll.


Anonymous said...

Velveta är en av dina favoriter??? Ok, det är svårt att göra en riktig stick-to-your-ribs mac n' cheese utan Velveta men .... favorit. :-)

Anne said...

Ja, det är lite sådär skämmigt att erkänna, men jaa.. jo.. jag är förtjust i "gul ost". :)

Shaheen said...

I got my BBM package a few days ago and I simply love this exchange. Its so kind of Stephanie to conduct something of this sort.