Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Lemongrass Claypot Chicken


This is not a great photo, but it *is* a great dish! I love using my claypot - I don't bring it out very often, but whenever I do I am positively surprised. It really does keep everything nice and moist, no risk of overcooking! And it's so easy - just toss it all in and let it bake. The flavors will come together beautifully!

Lemongrass Claypot Chicken
Serves 3

3 chicken breasts
3 bellpeppers - red and yellow
4 cloves of garlic
3 lemongrass stalks
1 piece of fresh ginger, thumb-sized
50 ml water
2 tbsp concentrated chicken stock
1 tsp sambal oelek chili paste
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp brown sugar

Soak the pot in cold water for at least half an hour, and don't forget to soak the lid, too.

Cut the chicken into smaller pieces. De-seed and cut the peppers into smaller pieces as well. Grate ginger and garlic finely. Halve the lemongrass stalks lengthwise, and
give them a good bash with a heavy pot or the back of a knife to release the aromas and flavors. Place it all in the pot.

Mix water, chicken stock, sambal oelek, salt and sugar, and pour this into the pot. Place the pot in your COLD oven, set the temperature for 225°C, and leave for about two hours. Check to see that it's not too dry, you might want to add a spoonful of water.

Serve with rice, cous-cous or bulgur wheat.

Recipe in Swedish:
Kyckling i lergryta med ingefära & citrongräs


Coffee and Vanilla said...

Delicious recipe! I use lemon grass in couscous sometimes :)


Have a great day, Margot

Anonymous said...

I would never have thought of serving these kinds of flavours with couscous, and now I want to go away and experiment! Your blog is always inspiring :)

Anonymous said...


The recipe looks amazing and I´d like to do it at home but I don´t have the foggiest idea of what a claypot is, can it be substituted for any other pot?, more usual I mean.
By the way, it´s the first time I write but I follow your maravellous blog since long ago, I have been leaving behind most cooking blogs I have found on the net, but yours is one of the favourites, ever. Keep it up and thanks for it.

Anne said...

Margot - yum! :) This was my first time cooking with lemongrass, actually!

Alexx - oh, thank you :)

Malacara - check out this site for more info about a claypot! http://www.romertopfonline.com/

You can certainly cook it in a regular pot, but the method will probably change a bit - such as using shorter time, and possibly more water. And I am SO glad you like my blog, thank you!! :)

Cakelaw said...

Yum Anne, this looks delicious! BTW, love the new profile pic.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, I´ll give it a try, I´ll also try to adjust the water and the time (should be much shorter time I guess)


Elizabeth said...

This looks great, Anne!

We love our claypot too. Have you tried roasting a chicken on a bed of chopped mushrooms? (or onions) The resulting sauce (skim off as much fat as you can) is fantastic on steamed rice.


P.S. Malacara, when you get your clay pot, make sure the inside is UNglazed. It works better.