Sunday, November 04, 2007

Broad Beans & Serrano

broad beans serrano ham

Not exactly cooking - but mix lightly cooked broad beans, podded and peeled, with some shallots, and garlic in some olive oil and sherry vinegar. Add strips of serrano ham. Eat with some great bread, and it'll be one of the best quick meals you'll ever have. At least that's my opinion.

Cooksister Jeanne has more detailed instructions. I added the sherry vinegar to her recipe, and used a little less oil, but otherwise, pretty much the same thing. Very delicious!


Dori said...

It looks and sounds VERY delicious!!!

KrakelSpektakel said...

Får du alltid tag i bondbönor?

glamah16 said...

Im my opinion thats real cooking. Simplicity at its best!

Anna Banana said...

Hi Anne,
Off topic, but do you have an opinion about bread makers? I just tried one and am not that thrilled with the results compared with kneading it yourself. Maybe you know of a recipe that gives good results?

Anne said...

Krakel - njaaaae, det är ju lite knivigt förstås.. Hötorget hade fram tills för nån vecka sen i alla fall, har inte kollat sen. Jag har dock frysta, hemsläpade från Spanien. :)

Anna - not sure exactly what you mean. A bread maker as in a machine which does all the work, or a mixer? For a bread maker, I've only tried a bread maker we had when I was about 15, and I was not impressed at all. I know my friend has one that she's happy with - she uses the dark bread mixes you can buy, and adds in extra seeds and sometimes nuts. Her bread is pretty good. Still - I much prefer a well-kneaded bread made by hand. Not a big fan of those little round or square loaves that come out of the machine.

Jeanne said...

This is one of my favourites - glad to hear you also enjoy it! Nick would like your more vinegary version I think - I'm more an olive oil type of girl ;-) The quality of the ham and the beans really make this dish!