Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cookbook Watch: Café Operas Cocktail Book

Café Opera-Drinkbok_GR070628

Time for another cookbook in Swedish! This one is different in several ways. First, it's the first cocktail book to come out in quite a while. Second, it's the first good cocktail book I've seen in a *very* long time. Third, it's the first book by famous Stockholm hotspot Café Opera. And fourth, it came with a party.

Me and a lot of other people were invited to a release party at - of course - Café Opera. We were treated to many, many of the drinks from the book, and a buffet to go with it. Mind you, this was in the afternoon, and I had a meeting to attend, so I only carefully sipped a few cocktails, but tastewise, I'd have been more than happy to stay there all night!


This one is called a Bramble, and made with, among other things, blackberry liquor and gin.


Here's a Blueberry Sour, with vanilla vodka, lemon and blueberry liquor. Very, very yummy.

plockmat cafeopera

The food. Nice, but not spectacular.

drinkbord cafeopera

Our table after a little while - I sat with some girls from Allt Om Mat, one of Sweden's largest food magazines. If you notice the martini glasses, with the etched lines? We each got one of those. I was very excited, as it was the very glasses I had fallen in love with, and had promptly put on my wishlist. So now at least I have one! (Orrefors Street.)

So, about the book then. I have to say - I really, really, really like it. It has great recipes, they're easy to understand, and it's a good mix of old favorites and new more innovative drinks. And it's categorized into "vodka drinks", "gin drinks", "rum drinks", "champagne drinks" etc - I like that. This book would make a great gift for the aspiring bartender!

It's only available in Swedish - at least for now - and it's published by Ica Bokförlag. Link to Adlibris, bookstore.


Anonymous said...

En drink så här tidigt på morgonen...njae. Men när jag såg björnbärsdrinken och blåbärsdrinken blev jag nästan sugen. Och björnbären hänger ju där ute på busken....bara att plocka.... ;-)

Dagmar said...

The drinks look lovely!

african vanielje said...

Oh the blueberry sour is my sort of drink anne, do you have an exact recipe?

Anonymous said...

The drinks look yummy, Anne! Who is the chef at Café Opera, incidently? Have you and Per been to Restaurangen yet?

Will write soon!


Anne said...

Ja, ut och plocka Christina! :)

Dagmar - they really were! I love drinks with loads of ice like that.

African Vanielje - sure!
3 cl vanilla vodka
2 cl blueberry liqeur
4 cl lemon juice
4 cl simple syrup
3 fresh blueberries for garnish

Shake all ingredients and serve on crushed ice - decorate with the berries.

Jeff - embarrassingly, we still haven't :) We've only been out to eat once or twice, lately. The guy behind the book is Jonas Ghauri, who's the night club manager. He has a bar chef who I'm sure is involved as well, Mikael Trygg. Stefano Catenacci is head chef in the kitchens, still, I think he has been for a rather long time now!