Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weekend Cat Blogging - Glinda & Kelly

kelly 070818

It's been a few weeks since you got a glimpse of my cats! I better remedy that - and since I shot a few new snaps of Glinda and Kelly last night, here you go! Kelly, as always, looks like the princess she is. She'll always pose prettily for the camera.

glinda 070818

Glinda on the other hand is much less of a lady. Here, she's enjoying her kitty-sized beanie bag, which is perfect for allowing her to lounge in any position she wants. Such as this one.

In cattery-related news, we hope to let Kelly have a date soon, with another longhaired British gentleman, and there'll also be a litter, hopefully, after Glinda's full sister, Gisele. Very exciting!

For a round-up of this weekends cat blogging, head over to Catsynth!


Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Glinda & Kelly are beautiful cats. I'm sure they make perfect additions to the family!!!

Dori said...

You have absolutely gorgeous cats! I can never get my cats posing so soon as they see the camera they come up to sniff it and see what's gong on...I always have kitty nose pictures :))

Astrid (…and the kitties too) said...

Glinda and Kelly are some georgeous Princesses - at least they look like they were *snickers*
Great shots!
They boys of mine would never pose like that anyway...

Bean said...

The photo of Glinda made me laugh out loud. We have two kitties (Sylvia Plath and Emily Dickinson) who often find themselves in such "unladylike" poses.