Thursday, August 23, 2007

Helmy's melon salad


I know, I've posted about feta and watermelon together several times before. It really is a match made in heaven! And I think the best dish with these ingredients that I've tried was the one served to me at my friend Helmy's house. She's a wonderful cook, and also a cat breeder - the owner of all those sleepy kittens I posted about a while ago.

Her salad had watermelon, nectarine, honeydew melon, finely chopped chilli, fresh mint, oil and salt - olives and feta cheese is served on the side, and so is slices of smoked turkey. And don't forget a good grinding of black pepper on top - it keeps it from being too dessert-y.


openyourmind said...

yammy..Iam just suffing some blogs,and run into your blog. your cook is like good dish.I think this is eye is happy via your blog. good day..

test it comm said...

That does sound like a nice combination of flavours.