Saturday, August 11, 2007

Café Ett


When we were in Dalarna earlier this summer, we went on a day-trip to Orsa. They have an excellent zoo, with mostly bears but also siberian tigers, wolverines, wolves and lynxes. New this summer were the tigers that had just moved in when we were there, and a couple of really gigantic bears - very impressive.


Feeling a bit peckish, we drove into Orsa for a light lunch at Café Ett. This is a really nice little café and if you're ever in the vicinity, stop by! They make great caffé lattes, and the sandwiches were delicious too.

They have a good webshop too, with espresso machines, coffee and delicious coffee candy from Caffé Mauro.

Café Ett
Dalagatan 1


Jessica said...

Is that "tree" in the latte glass (close to the sandwich) made on purpose or just happened?
Looks really cool anyway.

Anne said...

Definitely on purpose! :) They're pretty good at latte art, and they seem to practise all the time.

wals1h said...

looks great, this is one tasty blog

Jeanne said...

I am a total sucker for latte art! Sounds like a great day-trip.