Sunday, July 22, 2007

Drinks with Bols Parfait Amour


Bols Parfait Amour is a very purple sweet liqueur, with hints of vanilla and citrus. Tesse brought a bottle to Dalarna, and we happily proceeded to mix drinks. Here are two - one very pretty and successful, and one.. well, less so.

The first is simple. Let's call it a "Purple Sparkle". Just tip some Parfait Amour into a martini glass or champagne flute, and top up with sparkling wine or champagne. Really tasty! I urge you to try this!


The second one is simple too. We had run out of champagne, but had plenty of vodka, and orange juice. Now, mixing something bright purple with something bright yellow is a not so stellar idea, and the drink, predictably, looks like dishwater. I'm happy to say it tastes pretty good though - so if you're not particular about looks, give it a try! Not sure what it should be called though. "Purple Juice"? "Dirty Screwdriver"? Anyway. Roughly equal (small) parts of Parfait Amour and vodka, topped with plenty of orange juice.


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Jessica said...

Or how about Dishwater Drink ;).
We mixed egg liquer with well, something we shouldn't have mixed with at one point. The result no one would drink because of the apperance.
I make few drinks but learned at one time that colour coordination has some value to it.